Our Centre


Our center is located at 639 Nathan Road, Mong Kok, Kowloon Arran Center Phase I, the traffic is extremely convenient. An elegant reception area provides a comfortable environment for patients and their families, helping to relieve the anxiety of patients and their families while they wait for an examination.v



Comfortable lobby, allowing relatives and friends to easily wait for patient checkups


We provide a quiet recovery room for inspection / postoperative patient observation and rest. During this time the patient will be connected to the instrument, we monitor the survival index, in order to ensure a stable clinical condition. Each bed is equipped with an electric bell to facilitate patient summon to medical staff. During the rest of the patient will not be disturbed by others, to be fully awake.

The endoscopy room

Our endoscopy equipment using Olympus's new HQ290 HD series. The Dual Focus, Auto Pressure Water Jet, and 170 ° wide-angle output deliver ultra-high-definition images and easy to find hidden polyps for more accurate and effective endoscopy Surgery; Among the accessories used in conjunction, are used disposable accessories; In the cleaning, the endoscope disinfection rooms are used automatic endoscope cleaning machine to ensure that the instrument can be disinfected and cleaned.