Our Equipment

Our center has upgraded the latest endoscope system EVIS X1 to help doctors identify and find hidden polyps faster and more accurately, and improve the operation to a higher level. Compared with previous technologies, the EVIS X1 series uses 5 different LED AND mode, TXI (texture and color enhancement), RDI (two-color imaging to easily find bleeding points), NBI (more precise and brighter narrow-band imaging system), EDOF (extended depth of field and dual focus), with 32-inch 4K ultra-high-definition display, improves image quality to a higher level, automatic water pressure jetting and 170-degree wide-angle technology, this package helps doctors easily remove hidden polyps. And more accurate and faster to complete the procedure.

What is Endoscopy?

Endoscopy is an examination to look at your internal organs using an instrument called an endoscope. An endoscope is a long, thin, flexible tube that has a light source and camera at one end. This examination allows specialists to check for abnormal tissue, irritations, ulcers, and inflammation of internal organs, thereby allowing doctors to diagnose a disease or condition.

We upgraded Olympus' brand-new EVIS X1 HD series and AI artificial intelligence system to output ultra-high-definition image quality, and at the same time, it also makes it easier for doctors to find the tiny polyps hidden in corners, making the surgery more accurate and more effective.

Diagnosis and treatment is the most effective way to prevent cancers of the esophagus, stomach, and colon. Even if the cancer is diagnosed, the method and the amount of treatment at the early stage are relatively simple and low.

Colorectal cancer is one of the cancers that can be prevented through examination. Statistics found that about 85% of colorectal cancer are derived from polyps. The process of colorectal cancer evolving from polyps to cancer is about ten years. As long as polyps are detected and eliminated during this period, it will help prevent colorectal cancer.


Infection Control

Our center obtained two accreditation in 2018: ISO9001 quality management system and ISO13485 medical device management system, For medical devices, maintaining, infection prevention and control all follow the guidelines, we are committed to avoiding cross-infection of equipment, ensuring a safe and clean environment, all equipment during the procedure are disposable. Implement quality endoscopy services.

The work flow arrangement of the room adopts a one-way flow system. All used endoscopes are transported to the cleaning area through independent channels, and the Olympus endoscope automatic cleaning machine is used to ensure that the endoscopes and related accessories are cleaned with high quality. Disinfection and sterilization are guaranteed. All employees have been trained and passed the assessment by Olympus, and adhere to strict prevention and control rules. From personal hygiene to protective equipment, prevention and control are the priority


Reception Area

The center provides snacks and drinks. After the examination, patients can enjoy snacks to recovery.

接待處 Reception Area
診療室 Procedure Theatre

Procedure Theatre

Anti-bacterial materials are used to reduce risks, and all medical instruments and equipment are required to allow you to undergo medical procedures in a relaxed mood.

Recovery Area

Recovery area is equipped with a monitoring system, medical oxygen and emergency-Trolly. Nurses can closely monitor the patient’s blood pressure, SPO2, pulse and ECG data at different stages before and after the examination. There are medical oxygen and emergency-Trolly to quickly assist in any emergency and special issues.

Recovery area is equipped with a nurse's station and a central monitoring system to bring a comfortable, quiet and safe space for the patients who have completed the examination. Each bed is equipped with a call bell. With a light press, the nurse will come to assist.

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