Price List

成立內視鏡中心多年,聆聽過不同患者的聲音我們明白病患者真實需要,因此我們設立一個有預算,快捷,舒適,高質素的腸胃內視鏡套餐供大家選擇。腸胃內視鏡套餐均設有上限,價錢已包括; 診症費,醫生費,手術室費,儀器費,化驗費,鎮靜費,瀉藥,胃內視鏡幽門螺旋菌測試, 覆診費,相紙報告連相片,收費清晰透明,整個過程最快只需約一小時便完成。

Gastroscopy Package/Price

  • 沒有瘜肉或活組織抽取

  • 有瘜肉或活組織抽取

Colonoscopy Package/Price

  • 沒有瘜肉或活組織抽取
    $ 8,800

  • 有瘜肉或活組織抽取總數1-3粒

  • 有瘜肉或活組織抽取總數4-9粒

  • 有瘜肉或活組織抽取總數10粒或以上

All endoscopy packages include intravenous sedative, biopsy forceps, report with photo, surgeon fee, operating fee, laboratory fee, equipment fee, laxatives fee, preoperative and postoperative doctor's consultation fee and Helicobacter pylori test for gastroscopy.

Minor Operation

  • Without Pathology
    $5,800 (per item)

  • With Pathology
    $6,800 (per item)

Type of Minor Operation :
- Atheroma
- Lipoma
- Fibroma
- Papilloma
- Hyfrecation
- Wedge excision of ingrown toenail
- External Haemorrhoid


  • Urea Breath Test for Helicobacter Pylori
    $800 (per item)

  • FibroScan
    $1,200 (per item)

Extra Charge

  • Banding of Hemorrhoids

  • MAC for Gastroscopy / Operations

  • MAC for Colonoscopy

  • MAC for O+C

  • USB 影片紀錄

Intravenous sedation is included in the endoscopy package of our center or can be purchased for MAC (monitoring anesthesia care). MAC are managed by anesthesiologists (special appointments are required) to ensure patient comfort and satisfaction, and improve patient recovery speed and safety.

For patient safety, doctors will use electrical snare or electrical biopsy forceps, saline injections or clips to prevent bleeding after polypectomy.