Capsule Endoscopy

Capsule endoscopy uses a small capsule with a built-in wireless video camera to perform painless endoscopic digestive system photography to assess hidden bleeding and gastrointestinal problems that cannot be checked by gastroscopy or colonoscopy. During the examination, the patient needs to swallow a capsule (11mm x 26mm, Given Imaging M2A Capsule) with a built-in imaging function; when the capsule passes through the digestive tract, the intestines are taken and the color image is transmitted to the patient’s abdomen. Receiver, and recorded on the recorder. The recorder will be hung on the patient's waist with a belt, so it will not hinder the patient's normal activities. In general the capsule stays in the stomach for about 2 hours, and it takes three and a half to four hours to pass through the small intestine. The gastroenterologist needs two hours to review the received images.

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Our specialists will recommend whether the patient is suitable for an endoscopy.



Before the procedure

Gastroscopy: Fasting 6 hrs before the procedure
Colonoscopy: stop ingesting high fiber diet/drink within 3 days before the procedure. Laxative for the cleaning of colon will be given to patients the night before the procedure.


Day of procedure

The examination takes about 15-20 mins (Gastroscopy) / 30- 45 mins (Colonoscopy) to complete
The hold procedure will take around 1 - 2 hrs.
It is highly recommended that the patient have relative or a friends to take them home after the procedure to ensure their safety.